Cat Rock Wedding in June

Ramy told me it would be fun: An Egyptian zaffa band (complete with drummers and two belly dancers) introduced Ramy & Mia as a married couple and the guests leaped from their seats to join them. Dancing on the lawn was followed by dancing under the tent, and one of Hank’s famous bonfires finished out the night.


Jennifer, what a beautiful job you did capturing this! This was so much fun and I LOVED the zaffa; from now on it’s my preferred way to start a party. I wish we could have stayed a couple extra hours with these guests…or import them to every wedding that we do.

I was wondering if we could “borrow” a few of these amazing images to share on our blog of Ramy and Mia’s Osborn Castle wedding? I’ll credit you and link to your website, of course.

It’s rare when the energy on the dance floor is captured as well as you have done here. Everyone should know what great work you do!

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